Underwater Services

Layanan Solusi Bisnis Bawah Air meliputi perbaikan bentang gratis, Inspeksi anjungan lepas pantai, inspeksi pipa bawah air, pembacaan CP, survei dasar laut

ROV Services.

  • Underwater Inspection & Survey of Offshore Structure, Cable & Pipeline (Bathymetry, Deformation Measurement, free Span and High Span, etc.)
  • Underwater Video Recording and Photography
  • Underwater Maintenance, Repair, and Installation.
  • Underwater Pipeline├é┬áRectification.
  • Underwater Cleaning.

Acoustic Offshore Survey Services.

  • Navigation / Geodetic
  • Geophysical
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Echo-sounder
  • Magnetometer
  • Sub Bottom Profiling
  • Seismic
  • Oceanography
  • Tide Gauge
  • Wave Recorder
  • Current Meter

Diving Services (Surface Supplied Air and Mixed Gas Diving)

  • Underwater Maintenance and Repair.
  • Underwater Installation and Engineering.
  • Underwater Construction and Pipe Lying Support.
  • Underwater NDT Inspection and Certification.

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